In January….

Bills were unpaid, rents were period was getting out of hand, landlords were getting impatient and pockets and accounts were empty. At this point, the dilemma set in. to make the matter worse the overall economy run into a recession. This was not short term but would last for the next two years before the situation would stabilize. At this time hell broke loose. Everyone was running for loans which would in turn increase interest rates and become a burden to bear. However it was a lesson well learnt, not to use all your money on festivities.

But thank goodness, all is better now.

Last Year in Dec.

December 20th of Last Year….

We were all looking forward to break for Christmas. Mixed up with joy of celebrations of the festivity season. We waited gladly to have a break from work and at least enjoy some times with our family members. People spent money on goodies and gifts. The economy experienced what economists’ terms as a short period boom. The joy overwhelmed the environment and made most of us forget that January was nearing and would hit hard. Looking for unsecured bad credit loans helped a little bit but not too much because I was trying to get into college.

Later, I also found that I was looking for more than 1 way to get into college. I thought about trying to different programs that award money, I did talk to my advisor about a site I found on quick scholarships, but I was leary about the processes this went through

As We Move Forward

As we are moving forward and into the beginning of 2014. There are some lessons we have learned in school. Some of which have been very help and others, well they may just take up empty space because I wondcandleer if some of the things I have learned have been able to really give solid direction in life.

The video has some great moments and I am glad that most dogs are not as moody as we are.

I love that video, because not only do I love the water, I have been able to teach our youngest on how to swim.

Our favorite site for US money news  ABC Money

Whew, that was fun, in accounting class yesterday, we were looking at a sample article from consolidation loans for people with bad credit although we took the stance that it may not be beneficial to go the route that the site was talking about, the country is def. in a different state. However, some argued that this is nothing new but that the problems are just shifting around a little bit, for example, this pree release on credit debt basically says the same thing, but really? This may be something we may revisit for our readers, we will give a couple of resources about this as well. For example in Money and Life on Yahoo

A look into Forbes will give you anyone a a little bit of a different story too. This mostly shows people who have been able to make something from nothings, and sometimes it gives great ideas on business too.

Education and Medical Studies

For students who have started their medical studies, there are quite a few different routes that can be taken when it comes to learning to know everything that is on the MCAT. This video talks about a special way to study for the MCAT.

When a student is trying to learn how to student for any type of medical test , understanding an anatomy and physiology study guide is very important because anatomy will be one of the most important aspects. However, we think that studying the material that is more than likely to be on the MCAT will be a better use of time as opposed to study guides.

Sites like these:

May promise better scores, but in the long run it is better to meet with your teacher and really try to get an understanding of the material. This is straight from the AMA’s website:


We have been hearing lots of stories about students who have had to do quite a bit of homework this last week. This is something that we expected. In fact, when we were in school. I think we had homework the very first day of class! This is something that I  kind of got used too over the years.

I did a little search on Google and found this, that it was very telling of how much homework kids get in a week.

Although this is an older article, it is very interesting to see a different point of view that what we normally get to hear when it comes to school and homework.  This is another article that I found very interesting too.

I personally would think that the answer is “Yes”, I think students have far too much homework these days. However, I do think that having all of this work is preparing them for college, which can be a pain if you are not used to having so much work to do.

And speaking of college, it is getting quite expensive and it seems that everyone is going back to get a better degree, well, not everyone, but it does seem that there are quite a few people both seeking an way to pay for college as well as trying to get accepted to college.

Sites like this: are popping up all over the place. This is due to the fact that there is quite a bit of news going on about students and how much they are borrowing for school.


BUT… I think there is a valid point in the fact that we do need to get more money from school. Instead of seeking outside help, perhaps there will be more help in the future on the state level for people needing to go back to school.

School is in Session!

Through these last few weeks, we have prepared and also have been able to see our children both get nervous about going back to school and also ask us why they are going. During this time, we as a family have been able to do a lot of research on getting our finances situated. We have actually started looking into press releases to see if we can find some nuggets on how to go about this. We have decided not to contact any companies, just to do our normal research. This financial press release Is a release that we saw and are not hip on what to think about it. Some of the facts are there, but others are not.

The raw link is here:

We also some another one from the governement about bad practices about debt collection. Personally, I think this may have to do with both the debtors and possibly the companies themselves too.

Here is the raw link:

We also found this video from the government that was able to give us more information too:

Almost Time for Back to School!

Also, this article on back to school from Huffington post is an exceptional one.


In looking at the school open dates here . (This site also includes Calendar trends as well. ) It seems that more of the schools are starting him him him earlier and some schools have even begun to extend their hours depending on which grade they received from the Department of Education in their state for example, schools are graded on their performance. The performance is judged on the students academic ability when they take something called the FCAT, at least that is what it is like in some states. Depending on what is school is rated will also depend on the amount of funding that they get.dilploma Now, if a school is rated an F. grade been there also grants that are granted to that particular school to help them improve their education experience for people who were going to their school. There also grants for schools that get an A. Trying to find the best school for your son or daughter can be a challenge and you may be met with convenience versus academic possibilities at the school. Although this is a decision that only parents are able to make themselves, many people are in this predicament. In fact, this goes all the way up to college. Some women have looked for scholarships for women for college , but trying to find a college that best suits their needs and delivers on exactly what they need can be extremely difficult. For those who are searching for a way to find the best college we found this YouTube video below.