School is in Session!

Through these last few weeks, we have prepared and also have been able to see our children both get nervous about going back to school and also ask us why they are going. During this time, we as a family have been able to do a lot of research on getting our finances situated. We have actually started looking into press releases to see if we can find some nuggets on how to go about this. We have decided not to contact any companies, just to do our normal research. This financial press release Is a release that we saw and are not hip on what to think about it. Some of the facts are there, but others are not.

The raw link is here:

We also some another one from the governement about bad practices about debt collection. Personally, I think this may have to do with both the debtors and possibly the companies themselves too.

Here is the raw link:

We also found this video from the government that was able to give us more information too:

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