We have been hearing lots of stories about students who have had to do quite a bit of homework this last week. This is something that we expected. In fact, when we were in school. I think we had homework the very first day of class! This is something that I  kind of got used too over the years.

I did a little search on Google and found this, that it was very telling of how much homework kids get in a week.

Although this is an older article, it is very interesting to see a different point of view that what we normally get to hear when it comes to school and homework.  This is another article that I found very interesting too.

I personally would think that the answer is “Yes”, I think students have far too much homework these days. However, I do think that having all of this work is preparing them for college, which can be a pain if you are not used to having so much work to do.

And speaking of college, it is getting quite expensive and it seems that everyone is going back to get a better degree, well, not everyone, but it does seem that there are quite a few people both seeking an way to pay for college as well as trying to get accepted to college.

Sites like this: are popping up all over the place. This is due to the fact that there is quite a bit of news going on about students and how much they are borrowing for school.


BUT… I think there is a valid point in the fact that we do need to get more money from school. Instead of seeking outside help, perhaps there will be more help in the future on the state level for people needing to go back to school.

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