As We Move Forward

As we are moving forward and into the beginning of 2014. There are some lessons we have learned in school. Some of which have been very help and others, well they may just take up empty space because I wondcandleer if some of the things I have learned have been able to really give solid direction in life.

The video has some great moments and I am glad that most dogs are not as moody as we are.

I love that video, because not only do I love the water, I have been able to teach our youngest on how to swim.

Our favorite site for US money news  ABC Money

Whew, that was fun, in accounting class yesterday, we were looking at a sample article from consolidation loans for people with bad credit although we took the stance that it may not be beneficial to go the route that the site was talking about, the country is def. in a different state. However, some argued that this is nothing new but that the problems are just shifting around a little bit, for example, this pree release on credit debt basically says the same thing, but really? This may be something we may revisit for our readers, we will give a couple of resources about this as well. For example in Money and Life on Yahoo

A look into Forbes will give you anyone a a little bit of a different story too. This mostly shows people who have been able to make something from nothings, and sometimes it gives great ideas on business too.

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